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cardboard cribbage - the portable travel game with playing cards inside

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Inspired by Adventure.

After a makeshift cribbage match in the Talkeetna Mountains, played on a sheet of paper with small bits of trash, it was apparent that a better travel cribbage solution was in order. For the ultralight backpacking enthusiast, nothing on the cribbage market had ever felt perfect. There was simply not enough room for cribbage, and it often got left behind on the coffee table.

But what if you could just toss a pack of cards in your backpack and have the whole game with you? And so late at night, between adventures and business hours, atop a tile warehouse in Alaska, the first card box that's also a cribbage board was born.

Each box and deck of cards is designed by local Alaskan artist, Jessedeeks. Creating Cardboard Cribbage has been an adventure all on its own—hopefully it finds a home in your favorite travel bag. Enjoy!


Customer Reviews

Coolest Cutest Cribbage EVER!  It's portable, it's handy, it's always in my backpack when I need it! Great for breweries or waiting for the car oil change guy.

-Beks R.

 Girdwood, AK

I love that this is so lightweight and compact. It makes it easy to take anywhere and have something to play with another person.

-Elisabeth N.

 Bettendorf, IA

I have a very beautiful cribbage board in the shape of my home state. The problem? It's too bulky to carry to our local brewery or coffee shop for a quick game of cribbage! This cardboard cribbage pack is gorgeous and easy to use and perfect for on-the-go playing. Amazing quality and it helps that I've won every game I've played on it so far.

-Elizabeth S.

 Ypsilanti, MI

This is such a cool setup. Amazing artwork, good quality cards, and ultralight. People always comment on the artwork. Looking forward to picking up the aviation set.

-Daniel A.

 Anchorage, AK

Best gosh darn cribbage board I’ve had. Packs small for easy travel and light for my ultralight backpacking setup! In fact its coming with me to Canada next week. I LOVE CARDBOARD CRIBBAGE!

-Kate B.

 San Francisco, CA

This was a great gift to my friend who travels a lot and loves cribbage!

-Bryson C.

 Chugiak, AK

cardboard cribbage - the portable travel game with playing cards inside

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How can I purchase one?

You can order here. Cardboard Cribbage is a brand new product and business, so every purchase helps create more inventory!

Is it waterproof?

Each box has a water-resilient coating applied -  so while some moisture will likely have no effect, leaving one out in the rain might be an issue. Think of it like any other box of playing cards, except it's also a cribbage board!

I lost a peg - can I get more?

Absolutely!  A new pack of playing pieces, the same as the one that came with your box, is available here.

How do you play cribbage?

The best question! First timers can begin their love for cribbage by visiting our how to play link here.

It seems expensive.

Cardboard cribbage is a hand made product, not a mass produced one. Also, the art on the card backs, as well as the ace of spades and jokers, are designed uniquely for the deck they are in. The time and cost adds up!

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